IMG_0951adding milk to citric acid water

IMG_0953Now it’s time to heat the milk and add the renin–then let it sit to form curds

IMG_0954cutting the curds

IMG_0957heating curds in a water bath–they’re warm enough when they become stretchy

IMG_0960Fresh Mozzarella!

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Christmas Eve







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This is some of Jumping Spider’s math work from the past week. If you look closely, the correct answers to the problems make up a part of each little drawing–he started by writing the number, then transformed it into a picture. Makes checking his work rather difficult…

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Mommy’s helper

I don’t imagine Dragonfly will be this eager to mop the floor a few years from now–I’ll enjoy the enthusiasm while I can!

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Fall activities


Honeybee (on the right) at her final soccer game of the season (picture’s a bit blurry, I’m not good at action shots).

Fire safety open house after the game–we all got a ride on the pumper truck!

I keep trying to catch Firefly’s smile on camera. This is the best I have managed so far!

Studying acids and bases–what happens when we add vinegar to the baking soda???

And a final bow for Jumping Spider after his very first cello recital!

Life is full, life is good, and I need to go to bed so I can face a new day tomorrow.

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It’s always amazing to me how as soon as a new baby comes into the family I can’t imagine the family without them. I’m always a little sad when I hear people, especially mothers, talk about children and especially the choice to have another child as if a child is mostly an inconvenience and a burden. I’ll be the first to admit that pregnancy is hard, and in many ways parenting just gets harder from there–but–these little people coming into my family are so real and so wonderful. I’ve sometimes imagined what it would be like to have my potential future children lined up in front of me, and going down that line saying “OK, I’ll take this one, but not that one or that one…” –I just couldn’t do that.

We had a wonderful surprise visit yesterday from Dan’s oldest sister and her husband, and all twelve of their children. I only wish they could have stayed longer. Our families are scattered all over the country and beyond, we cherish every opportunity we have to spend time together. I feel incredibly blessed to have so many people to love and be loved by.

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