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Long Division with Manipulatives

Honeybee has been learning long division, and I wanted to demonstrate what the algorithm means by using manipulatives. Here’s What we started with: 368 We need to break this up into groups of 4, starting with the hundreds. Since we … Continue reading

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Mapmaking and Geography

Jumping Spider has become fascinated with maps and geography. I found him today sitting in front of the big world map in our dining area and drawing this rather detailed representation of it on the magnadoodle. I think he knows … Continue reading

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Pattern Blocks

The line between “math manipulative” and “toy” in our house is very blurry–actually, I don’t think it’s there at all. We have a variety of math manipulatives, and all of them get played with as toys. And of course, toys … Continue reading

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A day of learning

The thought of sending my kids off to a classroom to sit at a desk all day makes me cringe. I love the learning that happens throughout the day, all around the house and yard. Here is some of what … Continue reading

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Learning Activity: Using a Balance Scale to Demonstrate Solving for X, part 2

I wanted to show the kids how to figure out an unknown quantity by finding the equivalent value on the other side of the equation. First, we put an upside-down cup on one side of the balance, and I had … Continue reading

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Learning Activity: Addition and Subtraction with Negative Numbers

Our home has a split entry, with stairs going up from the front door to the main floor or down to the basement. We used these stairs today for a fun math activity: exploring addition and subtraction with positive and … Continue reading

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Learning Activity: Nature Study in the Backyard–Snakes

We have taken great delight in nature hikes and in visits to museums, zoos, and aquariums, but some of the greatest riches of nature are to be found in our own backyards, where they can be explored at our leisure. … Continue reading

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