Spring Gardening–family style

Lots going on in the garden this Spring! We’ve been adding lots of mulch to our home garden, it helps both to keep weeds down and minimize water evaporation. A nearby town was offering mulch free to the public (they had more than they could use due to a wind storm last year that left lots of tree branches needing to be cleaned up). We didn’t have a pickup or trailer to haul it in, so we settled for boxes, bins and baskets:





In other news, we signed up for a plot at a community garden nearby. This gives us all a chance to get a feel for more traditional row gardening, as what we have done at home has mostly been more along the lines of square foot and other small-scale intensive gardening efforts. Planting and weeding and watching the seeds sprout and dreaming of summer harvests…




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One Response to Spring Gardening–family style

  1. How exciting! Can’t wait to see how your community garden does!

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