Junior Chef

Honeybee has been begging me to teach her how to cook–so we’ve made that a priority this summer. She can now make pancakes, macaroni and cheese, and a variety of sandwiches–plus several recipes of her own devising, including the banana bread with peach sauce below. She surprised us by getting up early and baking this for breakfast this morning–and it was truly delicious!

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3 Responses to Junior Chef

  1. Benj says:

    Yum. That does look delicious!

  2. Very impressive! I’m curious – are the front burners removed for safety?

    • thegardener says:

      Not initially, although I have left them off partly for that reason. The right burner is off because it is broken (it got so hot in the center it burned a whole through the coil!); the other one was just off for cleaning and hasn’t been put back on.

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