How to make a pregnancy mattress

I’ve been blissfully enjoying tummy-sleeping on my pregnancy mattress, and feeling a little guilty that other pregnant mamas might not be able to. So I thought I would share my secret method for making a pregnancy mattress.

1) acquire a foam mattress–not sure if memory foam would work or not, mine is a standard foam bunkbed mattress I paid about $100 for over 10 years ago. I stole it from my child’s bed (don’t feel bad, said child was spending every night in MY bed)

2) Find a cutting implement (I used a serrated kitchen knife)

3) Lie down on the mattress, mark when your belly meets the mattress.

4) Cut out a nice belly-shaped circle of foam. You can set this aside and replace it later if you want to use the mattress for non-pregnant persons.

5) Replace mattress cover and sheet, lie down with your belly in its new space, and go to sleep.

If you’re naturally a tummy-sleeper like me, getting comfortable during pregnancy (especially the third trimester) can be a nightmare. I really hope my idea helps someone–I’ve used it through two pregnancies now very happily. Might help to turn a posterior baby too! I’ve seen a similar concept sold as an air mattress for pregnant women, but I’ve never found air mattresses to be comfortable even when not pregnant–I’m convinced the foam is much better, and you can customize it to your own body. I does need to be on a hard surface to be comfortable–I just put my twin sized mattress on the floor. My kids call the little hollow in the mattress “baby’s bed!”

Enjoy your sleep!

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2 Responses to How to make a pregnancy mattress

  1. Dacia says:

    Thankyou for these instructions!! Hopefully it will work for me! I am 34 weeks along. Can’t lay on my back, even propped up, I feel panicky, and unable to breathe. If I sleep on my side, my pelvic bones end up in wrong position (extremely painful) and I can’t move or walk again until I get them to pop (which is incredibly painful!). So I positioned some pillows so that I could try sleeping on my stomach. This worked, but unfortunately the pillows do not provide enough support for my back 😦 I am hoping a solid foam mattress with a belly hole cut out will do the job! Thanks to your post I have a little better idea that it will work!! Now I just have to find a mattress.

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