The cartographer at work

He no longer uses the wall map for reference–he’s stored all the images in his head. This child obviously does not share my difficulties with visual memory! I love the label he gave to his drawing/map: World History.

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8 Responses to The cartographer at work

  1. So he drew that from memory? That’s really really amazing.

    • thegardener says:

      He’s been drawing maps everywhere recently–outdoors with sidewalk chalk, a whole wall of little maps drawn on paper in the house, he even cuts them out with scissors without drawing an outline first–I picked up a piece of paper off the floor the other day and found it to be in the shape of a rather detailed outline of North America. I should see if that one is still around and post a picture of it! Yesterday he was drawing little continent maps in his math book in the place of answers to his problems, giggling all the time: “one hundred plus one hundred equals South America!”

  2. Benj says:

    Can we get a video version? This is awesome.

  3. Benj says:

    Also, I love the sharks. Reminds me of old maps: “here be dragons…”

  4. asiaprez says:

    This is really amazing.

  5. I am so impressed! Wow! Great Job, buddy….and Mom!

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