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The cartographer at work

He no longer uses the wall map for reference–he’s stored all the images in his head. This child obviously does not share my difficulties with visual memory! I love the label he gave to his drawing/map: World History.

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Eclipse viewing!

We were fortunate to be in the path of yesterday’s solar eclipse–too far north to get the full “ring of fire” effect, but at its fullest point the sun was about 94% blocked out by the shadow of the moon. … Continue reading

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Map of Asia

Jumping Spider drew and colored a map of Asia:

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Morning Math: Chaos or Learning Laboratory?

Math time this morning involved lots of hilarity and cheerful energy. How much learning was taking place I’m not quite sure…in the photo above, you can see Honeybee trying to write out her answers using the pencil in her mouth. … Continue reading

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Mapmaking and Geography

Jumping Spider has become fascinated with maps and geography. I found him today sitting in front of the big world map in our dining area and drawing this rather detailed representation of it on the magnadoodle. I think he knows … Continue reading

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Living Math

Julie Brennan over at Living Math makes a powerful argument for integrating a wide spectrum of mathematical concepts into children’s lives through books and literature. In a family of readers, this is easy to do–check your library for a variety … Continue reading

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Pattern Blocks

The line between “math manipulative” and “toy” in our house is very blurry–actually, I don’t think it’s there at all. We have a variety of math manipulatives, and all of them get played with as toys. And of course, toys … Continue reading

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