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Kid quote of the day

Jumping Spider (age 6) to Dragonfly (age 21 months): “(Dragonfly), what you’re doing isn’t appreciated.” Jumping Spider was building some kind of construction/tent involving two balance beams, a bench, a blanket, and a foam mattress topper. Dragonfly was trying to … Continue reading

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Learning Activity: Owl Pellet Dissection

I came across an owl pellet dissection kit yesterday when I was sorting through and decluttering my homeschool supply drawers. I figured it wasn’t doing us any good sitting in a drawer, and we have been studying birds all year … Continue reading

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“Uh-oh, I might be in trouble now…”

I had just put the muffins into the oven and stepped out of the room for a minute. Doesn’t take long for a toddler to get into mischief! I love the expression on his face…

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Yesterday was unusually warm–beautiful Spring weather, or at least an early taste of it. I took advantage of the balmy evening to pull out a telescope, and headed out to the back yard with Honeybee and Jumping Spider. We looked … Continue reading

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I heard a heartbeat today!

I pulled out my fetoscope to see if I could find Baby’s heartbeat–and I did! I love being able to listen to my baby at home–not the computer-generated version you get from a doppler, but the actual sound of a … Continue reading

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The garden in winter

We have had surprisingly little snow this year, and somehow the garden looks more barren without its white blanket. This is time for planning–and time to get some seeds started indoors so they will be ready to transplant come Spring!

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