Mapping the World with Art

Honeybee drew this map this morning following the instructions in Mapping the World with Art by Ellen McHenry. The project was entirely her own idea–the curriculum had been sitting on our shelf unused until she decided to look through it last night. Honestly, it seems that my primary role as a homeschooling mother is to make opportunities and resources available to my kids and then get out of their way and see what they do!

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3 Responses to Mapping the World with Art

  1. Donna says:

    She did a great job with her drawings! We are using the same program with my 9yo dd and she loves it, too.

    • thegardener says:

      Hi Donna,

      I enjoyed visiting your blog. I tried to comment on your most recent post but the word verification feature doesn’t seem to be working right–it tells me my word doesn’t match, no matter how many times I try. How long has your daughter been playing violin? It looks like she enjoys it.

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