Potty Training

I’ve always taken a pretty relaxed approach to potty training. Mostly I wait until the child is showing real interest, and is old enough to get to the toilet without needing constant reminders or help from mom. Still, at three and a half, Ladybug is oldest child I have had who was not yet potty trained. She has just really not been interested–too much trouble, apparently. I finally decided I needed to be more actively involved, and started offering her chocolate chips if she would use the potty. It didn’t get us far–she still needed constant reminders from me to avoid accidents. Then I had a flash of inspiration: I offered ALL the kids a chocolate chip every time Ladybug went potty. Ah ha! it works. Not a single accident, and I haven’t needed to remind her all day…

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5 Responses to Potty Training

  1. maryanne says:

    I’ve had great success with the “reward everyone” technique as well. Hope it lasts for you!

  2. Nothing works better than happy teamwork when it comes to helping lil sis. Great idea!

  3. Maile says:

    I love it!! I’ve been trying to incorporate strategies like this in our home – incentivizing everyone for whatever the desired action is – and it does seem to be helping.

  4. We are potty training our 23-month-old, and we used a sticker chart for a couple weeks which her older siblings were excited about. Getting the older siblings excited was the turning point for us as well!

  5. Kelley says:

    That’s a great idea! R has been potty-training off and on for months, and is doing fairly well with #1, but is having a terrible time with #2. She has mild CP, and she also has issues with constipation. I’m starting to wonder if the CP is making it so that she isn’t as aware of the sensations associated with #2 as she is with #1. If so, it could be a while before she is out of diapers for good. *sigh* Perhaps getting her brothers involved with reminding her would help her make it to the toilet more often.

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