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Potty Training

I’ve always taken a pretty relaxed approach to potty training. Mostly I wait until the child is showing real interest, and is old enough to get to the toilet without needing constant reminders or help from mom. Still, at three … Continue reading

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A different tithe

We have always donated a tithe of our income to our church, but I had an idea recently that has helped me gain a new perspective on the STUFF in my life. I’ve been working on decluttering–OK, seems I’m always … Continue reading

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A Love Story

The image quality isn’t good–this is a photocopied picture Grandma sent me years ago–but it is the best picture I can find of Grandma and Grandpa together. My Grandpa C. passed away on Saturday. Grandpa was 84 years old, and … Continue reading

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Getting to know me

I love this photo from my brother’s wedding in April–that’s all my siblings, lined up oldest to youngest (left to right). I’m third from the left, the brother getting married is in the tux in the middle (#5). We don’t … Continue reading

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