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Learning Activity: Using a Balance Scale to Demonstrate Solving for X, part 2

I wanted to show the kids how to figure out an unknown quantity by finding the equivalent value on the other side of the equation. First, we put an upside-down cup on one side of the balance, and I had … Continue reading

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Safe Whittling for Kids

Jumping Spider rarely asks for help, permission, or directions–he just goes and does things. I looked over the other evening to find him whittling a piece of wood–with a vegetable peeler. The wood was fairly soft, so it worked pretty … Continue reading

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Children’s Garden

My gardening efforts are always a joint endeavor with the children: they helped me get peppers and tomatoes started from seed way back in February, helped dig holes for our fruit trees, held boards and even helped drill holes to … Continue reading

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Homeshooling Methods and Philosophies: What is Classical Education?

This is the first in a series of posts I am planning regarding the different homeschooling philosophies, methods and materials available. I’ve spent large portions of the past five years researching home education, now I hope to share what I … Continue reading

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Summer Evening

We’ve had a cool wet spring, but summer finally seems to be on its way. The long evenings make it hard to get kids to bed, but I love the extended outdoor hours.

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