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Learning Activity: Nature Study in the Backyard–Birdwatching

We’ve spotted this handsome fellow in our backyard over the past couple of days. We’re hoping he has a mate and a nest full of eggs or hatchlings somewhere nearby. We used this neat bird identification tool to find out … Continue reading

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Learning Activity: Addition and Subtraction with Negative Numbers

Our home has a split entry, with stairs going up from the front door to the main floor or down to the basement. We used these stairs today for a fun math activity: exploring addition and subtraction with positive and … Continue reading

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Learning Activity: Nature Study in the Backyard–Snakes

We have taken great delight in nature hikes and in visits to museums, zoos, and aquariums, but some of the greatest riches of nature are to be found in our own backyards, where they can be explored at our leisure. … Continue reading

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Kids and Music: Opportunity and Inspiration

I had a somewhat conflicted relationship with music growing up: I loved to play, but didn’t have the discipline to practice consistently–and I always felt guilty for not practicing enough. I hope my children will learn to delight in music, … Continue reading

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Learning Activity: Marshmallow Molecules

The inspiration for this activity came from Maryanne over at Mama Smiles; I thought it was a great way for young children to learn about molecules. We built our original molecules a couple of months ago–the kids were delighted to … Continue reading

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Service: A blessing to giver and receiver

Remember this little fella? One of my garden helpers. Honeybees provide a great service to gardeners–carrying pollen from plant to plant. Of course, they also gather nectar and pollen for themselves. Both the plant and the bees benefit. I strongly … Continue reading

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Learning Activity: Journal Dictations

Writing composition doesn’t have to wait on the development of writing mechanics. The skills of handwriting, spelling, punctuation and formatting are important–but they take time to acquire. In the meantime, our family has enjoyed a tradition instigated by Honeybee: evening … Continue reading

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